Explore the world as a magician wielding the power of arithmetic.

Arithmagic uses the power of tap and drag & drop to allow you to fluidly cast math spells at enemies, flip the operators on the spells, and combine spells together!

As you explore the world, you encounter tougher and tougher enemies - so it's on you to go back and perfect previous levels and improve your wizard's strength to progress!



  • Cast math spells of 4 different operators
  • Use a fluid control system to quickly chain math operations together, like flip and combine
  • Flip spells to get the opposite operator: subtraction becomes addition, division becomes multiplication!
  • Combine spells together to create new ones
  • 70 levels to play through and master by solving math problems perfectly
  • Battle 10 different enemies with 3 different special abilities
  • Engage in fast-paced action in challenge mode or take your time and zen out in relax mode


  • Subtract, add, multiply or divide health using math spells in a table stacking format, just like doing arithmetic by hand
  • Practice algebra in later levels with fill-in-the-blank equation monsters
  • Improve your simple math calculation speed


  • As you defeat bosses, gain new math spell cards
  • Arrange your math spell deck depending on which cards you like the most
  • Like an RPG, get perfects on levels and use your skill points to strengthen your math wizard and defeat tougher opponents
  • Buy new spell cards from the shop with coins you earn from defeating enemies
  • Use special math spell cards like Heal or Stun for other magical effects
Developer: Gooble Games (Shahrin Khan - creator, developer, game designer, Sam Elkana - artist)
Release Date: December 8, 2018 (Google Play), January 5, 2019 (App Store)
Price: $2.99 USD
Platforms: Google Play, App Store
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Arithmagic is a game created by Shahrin Khan. It originally started as a PC game where you entered the answer to math problems in order to cast spells, and eventually transformed into the mobile game that it is today. The first code for Arithmagic was written back in 2016, but the mobile version was started in the summer of 2017.

Shahrin Khan is currently a developer at Uken Games. That is where she met Sam Elkana and where they eventually agreed to work together on Arithmagic. Sam went on to provide all the art work and most of the animations in the game.